AFRICANA LEMON BUTTER 50GM زبدة ليمون 50 جم



Lemon Butter NPC
Extracted from peels and lemon seeds Rich in vitamin E & B & C, Characteristic with a refreshing odor and a creamy touch

Moisturize the skin deeply : Whitens sensitive areas without any damage
Contains vitamin C that can whiten and unify the skin effectively
Used as night cream to provide the skin freshness and vitality
Increases collagen production so it can reduce wrinkles
Can be used in deodorant production because of its refreshing odor

Usages :Apply daily on clean skin and leave at least two hours until absorbed by the skin
Do not use in sunlight
Do not use with the skin that sensitive to lemon
Keeping away from light and heat
Lemon butter is natural product that lighten the skin in a short time
Safely without any side effects
Suitable for daily use


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