BETADINE 7.5% SKIN CLEANSER 120 ML بيتادين منظف للجلد (بوفيدون ايودين 7.5%) 120 مللى



بيتادين منظف للجلد (بوفيدون ايودين 7.5%) 120 مللى
* Liquid Soap. Skin disinfectant for the treatment of Acne vulgaris, Tinea, and for general hygiene. (Helps to get rid of acne, Tinea – General hygiene).
* Indications:
– Treatment of (Helps to get rid of) acne, infective folliculitis and impetigo adjuvant to systemic antibiotic.
– Treatment of (Helps to get rid of) tinea.
– Used routinely for personal skin cleasing of babies, children and adults.
– As liquid soap for general hygiene.
* Directions for (Method of) use:
1 – In cases of skin infections:
Wet the skin and apply a sufficient amount of BETADINE Skin Cleanser to work up a rich golden lather.
Allow lather to remain for about 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
For treatment: Repeat 2-3 times daily.
2- For general hygiene: Apply once daily.
If redness, irritation, swelling occurs, discontinue use.
* Adverse Effects and Precautions:
– It can cause hypersensitivity reactions and irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, although severe reactions are rare.
– Its use should be kept to the absolute minimum in newborns and small infants.
– Used with caution in pregnancy and lactation as sufficient iodine may be absorbed to affect the fetal thyroid.
– Should not be applied for extended period of time and to large areas of the skin unless strictly indicated in patients with thyroid disorders and having lithium therapy.
* Drug Interactions:
Mercury, Silver, Hydrogen peroxide and Taurolidine.
* For external use only.
* Store at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C. Keep away from direct sunlight and fire (heat).
* Produced by: The Nile Co. for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries – A.R.E.


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