CANESTEN -3 2% 20 GM VAG CREAM كانستين -3٪ 20 جم كريم فاج



20 g vaginal cream 2% with 3 applicators. Broad-spectrum antimycotic with fungicidal action. Vaginal cream for 3-day treatment.
* Indications:
– Infectious leucorrhea, vaginitis caused by fungi – mostly Candida.
– Super infections caused by Canesten-sensitive bacteria.
* Dosage and administration:
– A 3-day treatment is generally sufficient for vaginitis caused by fungi.
– Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, 1 applicator (approx. 5g) should be inserted daily into the vagina
as deeply as possible preferably at night – for 3 consecutive days. This is best achieved when lying back
with the legs slightly drawn up.
– A new disposable applicator should be used for each application.
– If necessary, a second 3-day treatment may be carried out. It is recommended that the treatment be timed to
avoid the menstrual period and finished before the onset of menstruation.
– In case of concomitant vulvitis or Candida balanitis of the sexual partner and in order to prevent re-infection,
both partners should also undergo local treatment with Canesten 3 cream.
– Canesten 3 vaginal cream is odourless and can be washed off.
* Prescription only. Insert into the vagina as directed by your doctor.
* Store below 25 degrees C.


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