CARNIVITA FORTE 30 TAB كارنيفيتا فورت 30 قرص



كارنيفيتا فورت 30 قرص
CARNIVITA FORTE 30 Film coated tablets
Carni Pure – Lonza Ltd., Switzerland
* Composition:
Each film-coated tablet contains:
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 1000 mg (1 gm) + Zinc Gluconate 50 mg (equivalent to Zinc 7.17 mg).
* Indication:
– To protect against muscle disease and stamina during heavy exercise & improve performance during physical effort.
– In cardiac diseases to improve heart function in CHF & increases exercise tolerance for heart disease patients.
– To improve male fertility & to increase sperm count and motility, in treatment of cases linked with BPH and prostatitis.
– As a nutrient supplement in vegetarians who do not consume carnitine in their diet, in patients depleted of carnitine such as those under therapy with the anti-epileptic valproate, HIV patients on AZT therapy and in kidney patients who are undergoing hemo-dialysis.
* Dosage:
One tablet to be taken one to three times a day with a meal or according to the physician’s directions.
* Store in a dry cool place, at a temperature not exceeding (below) 30 degrees C. Keep in its blister packing and avoid moisture.


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