CLOXIDE 30 CAP كلوكسيد 30 كبسولة



For treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
* Composition: Each capsule contains:
Chlordiazepoxide HCl 5 mg + Clidinium bromide 2.5 mg.
* Indications:
Cloxide is indicated for treatment of manifestations of anxiety accompanied with functional digestive troubles, e.g.:
– Irritable or spastic colon.
– Colitis.
– Nervous dyspepsia.
– Biliary dyskinesia.
– Gastric & duodenal ulcer.
– Gastroduodenitis.
* Dosage:
– 2-4 capsules daily according to the severity of the case.
– Capsules are to be taken with a little liquid during meals and at bedtime.
– Treatment course should not exceed 8-12 weeks.
– Elderly and debilitated patients: initially 1-2 capsules daily, increased gradually to the most effective well tolerated dose.
* Store at room temperature (below 30 degrees C, in a dry place).


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