Anti-inflammatory Analgesic. Arthritis Deformans – Peritendinitis – Myalgia. 7sheets (10cm × 7cm)
* Composition: Each sheet (10cm × 7cm, 2.36g) contains: Ketoprofen ……… 30 mg.
* Appearance: This medicine has lint fabric spread with colorless, transparent paste, which is
covered with film-coated thin paper.
* Indications: Anti-inflammation and soothing of pain caused by following diseases and symptoms:
1- Arthritis deformans
2- Periarticular inflammation of shoulder
3- Tendinitis
4- Peritendinitis
5- Epicondylitis of humerus (such as tennis elbow, etc.)
6- Myalgia
7- Pain and swelling following trauma (such as bruise, strain, sprain, etc.)
* Dosage and Administration: Remove film-coated thin paper from lint fabric then apply lint fabric
to the affected part twice daily.
* Precautions:
1- Contraindications:
a) Patients with a previous history of hypersensitivity to ketoprofen.
b) Patients with aspirin asthma (i.e. induction of asthma by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics)
or its previous history.
2- KefenTech plaster should be given carefully in patients with bronchial asthma.
3- Adverse reactions:
a) Skin: Redness, rash, pruritus, skin dryness & irritation may infrequently occur and swelling rarely occurs.
b) Hypersensitivity: Anaphylactoid symptoms (e.g. urticaria, dyspnea) may rarely occur. In the event of
such symptoms, this product should be discontinued.
4- General cautions:
a) It should be noted that treatment by anti-inflammatory analgesics is symptomatic, not causal.
b) Ketoprofen may suppress the manifestation of dermal infections. Therefore close supervision and
careful administration are required with concurrent adequate antibiotics or antifungal agent in case that
Ketoprofen is used for inflammation caused by infections.
c) In case of using this product for chronic disease (such as arthritis deformans, etc.), it should be
administered to the patients as the adjunction with other anti-inflammatory agents. Patients should be
observed carefully and manifestation of adverse reaction should be observed.
5- Use in pregnancy: Safety for pregnant women has not been established. Therefore prolonged use
of KefenTech plaster with large dose or to wide affected part should be avoided in women who are
or may be pregnant.
6- Pediatric Use: Safety for children has not been established.
7- Cautions in application:
1) Do not use to the eyes or mucosa.
2) Temporary pain or irritation of skin may occur when the epidermis is broken, therefore caution in
use is required.
3) Do not use for occlusive dressing.
* Storage: Tight, light-resistant container, Store at room temperature.
* Packing unit: 7 sheets (10cm × 7cm).


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