KLENVA LIQUID CLEANSER 250 ML كلينفا منظف سائل 250 مل



* Klenva Liquid Cleanser 250 ml.
– External wash for intimate female care
– The comprehensive cleansing formula
– Klenva is non-staining for skin && clothes.

* Composition:
– ALUM root (wild Gernium Extract)
– Chamomile Extract
– Thymol
– Menthol
– pH balanced cleansing && foaming base

* Usage && Application:
1-2 provided measure to be filled with Klenva solution then diluted with on litre of water then using the diluted solution twice daily.
Klenva is used only after dilution.

* Contra-indications:
Hypersensitivity for one or more of klenva components.

* Storage:
– Keep away from light && heat
– Keep the bottle tightly closed at room temperature.
– Keep out of the reach of children.
– For external use only.


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