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L – CARNITINE 300 MG / ML SYRUP 30 ML ل- كارنيتين 300 مجم / مل شراب 30 مل


L-Carnitine Syrup 30 ml. 100% Natural origin.
* Indications:
– Primary carnitine deficiency: skeletal and cardiac muscle myopathy, hepatic encephalopathy.
– Primary carnitine deficiency: myopathic systemic progressive cardiomyopathy.
– Secondary carnitine deficiency due to genetically determined disorders, acidurias and
disorders of beta-oxidation.
– Secondary carnitine deficiency due to acquired conditions: Haemodialysis and renal Fanconi
Syndrome, Anticonvulsant: Sodium valproate. Pivampicillin therapy.
– L-Carnitine has a cardioprotective effect during Antineoplastic therapy (Anthracycline).
– Mycardial infarction: L-Carnitine decreases the infarct size & has a cardioprotective effect.
– Low birth weight infants.
– Full term infants receiving Soya based formula.
– Improve athletic performance in healthy subjects.
– Long standing leg ulcers.
– Idiopathic asthenozoospermia.
– Hemolytic anemia (Thalassaemia & sickle cell anemia).
* Dosage:
Children: 50-100 mg/kg body weight, maximal dose is up to 3 g/day.
* Pregnancy & Lactation:
No adequate and well controlled studies in pregnant or lactating women.
* Precaution & Warnings:
Renal impairment, monitoring of free and acyl carnitine in blood and urine recommended.
* Prepared scientifically and manufactured under international standard necessary for pharmaceutical
preparations to insure safety, quality & effectiveness.
* Storage: Keep bottle away from direct light after


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