MALVA LIQUID CLEANSER 120 ML مالفا منظف سائل 120 مل



* Female Care Liquid Cleanser. Intimate Hygiene Cleanser for female use only.
& & With natural rose odour. Used topically for continuous daily protection.
* With Measuring-cup.
* For external use only. Shake well before use.
* Composition:
& & Malva Extract (Mallow) + Tegobetain + Chlorhexidine gluconate + Cetrimide BP + Tego LSE (Comp.) +
& & Menthol + Chamazulene && Thyme ext. + Rose extract + Tagat 40 && Excipients.
* Application:
& & To be used in the morning and the evening directly without dilution and also can be used diluted.
* Store in temperature range 15-30 degrees C. Keep away from light and heat.


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