MEBEFAC 200 MG 30 TAB ميبيفاك 200 مجم 30 قرص



** Mebefac (Mebeverine HCl 200 mg) 30 Sustained-Release Film-Coated Tablets.
** Composition:
Each Sustained-Release Film-Coated Tablet contains:
Mebeverine HCl 200 mg
** Therapeutic indications:
For the symptomatic relief of irritable bowel syndrome.
** Dosage and administration:
Adults (including the elderly):
The tablets should be swallowed with a sufficient amount of water (at least 100 ml water). Do not chew.
One tablet of 200 mg twice daily, to be given one in the morning and one in the evening.
** Store at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C, in dry place.
Store away from reach of children.


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