MEGY – ONE 10 MG 20 TABميجي – واحد 10 مجم 20 قرص



** MEGY-ONE 10 mg (Mitiglinide Calcium 10 mg) 20 Film-coated tablets.

** Composition:
Each Film-coated tablet contains:
Mitiglinide Calcium 10 mg

** Action:
Rapid-onset insulin secretagogue agent

** Indications:
Megy-one is indicated to improve the postprandial plasma glucose transition in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus whose hyperglycemia cannot be adequately controlled by diet and physical exercise alone.

** Dosage && Administration:
The recommended usual dose of Megy-one for adults is 10mg three times daily just before the meals. The dose should be increased / decreased according to symptoms.

** Store at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C, in dry place.
Keep away from reach of children.


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