ORAMIX MOUTH FRESHENER 200 ML اوراميكس معطر للفم 200 مل


* Oramix Liquid: Strong cleanser – powerful deodorant – long-lasting refreshment.
* Composition:
Menthol + Thymol + Clove Oil + Glycerin + Potassium Sorbate + Sodium Lauryl Sulphate +
Dipropylene Glycol.
* Oramix contains a group of effective ingredients which are well known for their benefits for
oral hygiene. Also,
– Oramix prevents & fights tartar & plaque build up.
– Oramix protects against tooth decay.
– Oramix alleviates gum & throat inflammation.
– Oramix is a long-lasting bad breath remover.
– Oramix does all these jobs effectively without any irritation for oral mucosa.
* Uses: Oramix,
– Kills the germs that cause gingivitis and bad breath.
– Prevents and fights tartar and plaque build up.
– Protects against tooth decay.
– Relieves toothache and throat inflammation.
– Prophylaxis and treatment against infection before and after orodental surgery.
– Long-lasting bad breath remover.
– Keeps teeth cleaner and brighter.
* Directions for use:
– Oramix solution is to be used without dilution.
– One tablespoonful is to be taken in the mouth (for rinsing or gargling) and kept for one minute
or longer before spitting. This is to be repeated two or three times daily.
* Side effects:
There are no side effects fro Oramix until now.
* Contra-indications:
There is no contra-indication to the use of Oramix.


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