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OROVEX MOUTH WASH 250 ML ( فراولة ) اوروفكس غسول للفم 250 مل (فراولة)



* OROVEX Liquid Mouth Wash & Refreshener (STAWBERRY) 250 ml. For a healthier mouth & teeth.
– Removes Mouth undesired bad odor.
– Long-lasting removal of bad breath.
– Keeps teeth cleaner and brighter.
** Composition:
Sodium saccharine
** Directions for use:
– Orovex solution is to be used without dilution.
– One tablespoonful is to be taken in the mouth for rinsing and kept for one minute or longer before spitting. This is to be repeated two or three times daily.
** Keep the bottle tightly closed at room temperature.
Store away from heat & direct sun light.
Keep out of the reach of children.
** Produced by: MACRO Group Pharmaceuticals (Macro Capital)


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