* Standy Astringent Gel For Legs 50 gm. Herbal Formula.
* Natural Product contains an effective group of extracts of natural plants (herbs) carefully chosen
& and selected to be effective as astringent for legs and affect as a rest, relaxation of the legs.
* Composition:
& Witch hazel (Hamamelis) + Butcher’s Broom + Ivy + Horse chestnut + Yarrow + Greater burnet +
& Mullein (Verbascum) + St. John’s wart + White fir.
* Dosage && Administration:
& Apply suitable amount of gel to the specific area, rub it gently 2 times daily.
* For external use only.
* Store below 30 degrees C. Keep away from heat.
* MFG By: EGPI. For: El SISI International Co. – Egypt. Made in Egypt.


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