* Botok Vita C skin filler the latest fashion of modern skin Hyalu 3D Filler in anew serum formula based on the concept of Combination Therapeutic mode of action through two axis . the first the daily filling of skin to a period reach to from 8-10 hours to accomplish the task of facing the complications of skin aging. the second axis rely on a new synthetic lightening ingredients approved by SEDERMA by guarantee new mechanisms. through unique & synergistic content of:
* Ingredients:
Hyalu filler complex – Marine Collagen – Marine Elastin – Retinol – Caviar Ext – Kiwi Ext – Sweet Almond Ext – Raspberry Ext – Vitamin C – Octadecendioic Acid – Alpha Arbutin – Glutathion – Actiwhite – Melaslow – Papaya Ext – Willow Bark Extract – Resveratrol – Chondrus Crispus – Dimethicone – ZnO2
* Botok vita C Skin Serum Advantages:
– Delicate texture of the Serum lays down with a gentle veil
– Continuously Improving the Skin, giving it a young elasticity
– Smoothness, Freshness touch without feeling of stickiness
– Is an advanced excellent foundation for makeup
* Botok vita C Skin Serum Indications :
– Daily potent Anti- Skin Aging Treatment
– Daily Smoothes Deep & Mimic Wrinkles
– unsurpassed whitening & lightening effect
– Tighten Eyelid Skin & Relieves puffiness
– Enhance Collagen & Elastin Regeneration
– Filling Wrinkles & Lightening, Brightening Effect
– Full Protection & Observed Skin rejuvenation
* Application and usage:
Apply a very small amount of serum to the most affected areas or Areas prone to expression lines
then massage gently and leave to dry completely .Twice daily Day/night .
* Packaging:
customade glass bottle 40 ml


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