CONCOR 10 MG 30 TAB كونكور 10 مجم 30 قرص



** Concor® 10 (Bisoprolol fumarate) 30 film-coated tablets. Cardioselective beta-blocker, cardioprotective, antihypertensive.

** Composition:
1 film-coated tablet contains:
Bisoprolol fumarate (2:1) 10 mg

** Indications:
– High blood pressure (hypertension).
– Coronary heart disease (angina pectoris).
– Stable chronic moderate to severe heart failure.

** Contraindications:
– Acute myocardial insufficiency (heart failure) or during deterioration (decompensation) of heart failure requiring I.V. therapy with substances increasing the contractility of the heart.
– Shock, disturbances of atrioventricular conduction (AV block grade II and II).
– Sick sinus syndrome.
– Disrubted stimulus conduction between the sinoatrial node and atrium syndrome (Sinoatrial block).
– Extremely slow pulse (bradycardia with less than 50 beats/min) prior to the start of treatment.
– Extremely low blood pressure (hypotension).
– Bronchial asthma and advanced stages of peripheral circulatory disturbances.
– In adrenal tumor (phaechromocytoma), Concor may be administered after alpha-blockade.

** Dosage and mode of administration:

Treatment should principally be initiated gradually with low doses, which are then increased slowly.
In all cases the dosage should be adjusted individually, in particular according to the pulse rate and therapeutic success.

# High blood pressure (hypertension) / Coronary heart disease (angina pectoris):
Unless otherwise prescribed, the recommended dose is 1 film-coated tablet of Concor 5 mg once daily.
If the effect is inadequate the dose can be increased to 1 film-coated tablet of Concor 10mg or (2 film-coated tablet of Concor 5 mg) once daily. A further dosage increase is justified only in exceptional cases.

# Stable chronic, moderate to severe heart failure (myocarial insufficiency):
Dosage should be started with 1.25 mg Bisoprolol daily to be increased by 1.25 mg increments on weekly basis till it reaches 5mg daily.
The 5mg daily dose of Bisoprolol is given for 4 weeks. If this dose is well tolerated and found to be inadequate, increase to 7.5mg Bisoprolol once daily for 4 weeks then to 10 mg Bisoprolol once dailyas maintenance dose.
The film-coated tablets should be swallowed whole with some liquid. It is recommendable to take Concor in the morning on an empty stomach or with the breakfast.

** Duration of treatment:
– Generally, treament with Concor is a long-term therapy.
– The dosage of Concor must not be altered without the doctor’s directions.
– Nor should therapy be discontinued without the doctor’s directions.
– Therapy with Concor must not be discontinued abrubtly but must fundamentally be discontinued on a gradual basis. Particular attention must ne paid to this in patients suffering from coronary artery disease.

** Dosage as directed by the physician. By prescription only.

** Store below 25 degrees C, in a dry place, protected from moisture.


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