* Infant Colic Drops. For gentle relief from wind and griping pains.
* Activated Dimethicone oral suspension. Emulsified aqueous suspension.
& containing activated dimethicone. ALCOHOL FREE.
* Active Ingredients:
& Activated Dimethicone (Simethicone) 21 mg per 2.5ml dose.
& Also contains: Dill Oil, sucrose, E218.
* Indications:
& For the gentle relief of wind && griping pains caused by the accumulation of ingested air.
& Effectively assists in bringing up wind. Can be used from birth onwards.
* Directions for use (Dosage):
– Give baby Dentinox Infant Colic Drops with or after each feed.
– The dose is 2.5ml, 1/2 teaspoon.
– There are 2 ways to give the drops, from a spoon or by adding to baby’s bottle.
– Maximum 6 doses per day (Do not give more than 6 doses a day).
– You can use the drops from birth onwards.
– If symptoms persist, seek medical advice (speak to your health advisor, pharmacist or doctor).
– Shake Bottle Before Use.
* Do not use if seal in cap is broken.
* Do not store above 25 degrees C. Store in a cool place.
* Made by the PL holder: DDD Ltd – UK. (Made in England). Imported in Egypt by: Interpharm.


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