* DOMACO Children and Baby Herbal Drink. Swiss Product.
& & – Instant baby drink with 6 valuable herb extracts of lime blossom, balmint, peppermint,
& & thyme, primerose and heather.
& & – It is sweetened with dextrose for instant preparation.
& & – Domaco baby drink is the ideal drink at any time of the day – good tasting and wholesome.
& & – It is thirst quenching and refreshing. It helps the digestion and loosens flatulency and calms your baby.
* Preparation:
& & – for babies and infants: pour 100 ml warm, previously boiled water, add 5g (1 heaped tea-spoon)
& & herbal drink, shake well.
& & – for children: add 2 to 3 teaspoonfuls of herbal drink to a cup of warm, previously boiled water, stir.
* Note: Hold the cup yourself. Do not let the infant use it as a toy. Children should not be given
& & anything sweet after their teeth have been cleaned in the evening.
* Composition:
& & 94% dextrose, 6% herbal extracts from lime blossom, balmint, peppermint, thyme, primerose and heather.


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