* Composition: Each gram of the cream contains:
Lidocaine 25 mg (2.5%) + Prilocaine 25 mg (2.5%).
* Indications: Ezanal is a topical anaesthetic to be used on normal intact skin to provide dermal analgesia before procedures
requiring i.v. cannulation, venipuncture, surgical treatment of localized lesions or split skin grafting. Ezanal cream is also effective
in providing pain relief during laser treatment.
* Dosage and method of administration:
Apply a thick layer of the cream to intact skin and cover with an occlusive dressing. Dermal analgesia will increase for up to
2 hours under occlusive dressing and persist for 1-2 hours after removal of the cream.
– Adults:
# Minor dermal procedures (e.g. Venipuncture or intravenous cannulation): apply 2.5gm of the cream over skin surface of 20-25cm
for not less than one hour.
# Major dermal procedures (more painful involving larger skin area such as split thickness, skin graft harvesting): apply 2gm
of the cream per 10 Cm2 of skin surface for a contact time of not less than 2 hours.
# Adult male genital skin: as an adjunct prior to local anaesthetic infiltration. Apply a thick layer of the cream (1gm/10Cm2) of skin
surface for 15 minutes. Local anaesthetic infiltration should be performed immediately after removal of the cream.
– Pediatric patients:
The following data shows the recommended maximum dose of Ezanal cream / maximum application area and application time
by age and body weight for infants and children:
< 3 months or < 5Kg ............. 1gm Ezanal / 10 Cm2 / 1 hour. 3-12 months and > 5Kg………….. 2gm Ezanal / 20 Cm2 / 4 hour.
1-6 years and > 10Kg………….10gm Ezanal / 100 Cm2 / 4 hour.
7-12 years and > 20Kg………….20mg Ezanal / 200 Cm2 / 4 hour.
If a patient greater than 3 months of age does not meet the minimum weight requirement, the maximum dose of Ezanal cream
should be restricted to that which corresponds to patient weight.
* For External Use.
* Store tightly closed at room temp. between 15-30 degrees C, in a cool place.


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