FITO BURNS 32 GM CREAM فيتو كريم للحروق 32 جرام



فيتو كريم للحروق 32 جرام
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Fito Cream For Burns 32 gm
Fito Burn Cream is a medical device consisting of water and dispersible dermatological cream contained in a tube. It forms a protective barrier against the external environment, thus creating favorable conditions for a fast and corrects skin re-epithelization and contributes to keeping its microenvironment under control.

Cream for burns
Cutaneous use for first- and second-degree burns
With wheat extract

indicated for the treatment of ulcers, sores, wounds, abrasions and first and second degree burns.

How to use:

Spread the necessary amount of cream on the area and cover with sterile gauze, possibly imbibed with more cream.


Known or suspected hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.


Rigenase (Wheat extract), 2-phenoxyethanol, polyethylene glycol400, polyethylene glycol1500, polyethylene glycol3000, polyethylene glycol4000, liquid paraffin, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, glycerine, purified water.


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