FOLDEX 50 GM CREAM فولديكس 50 جم كريم



* It is a natural cream contains effective groups of natural plant oil extracts & medicinal herbs which
helps to lightening skin folds & sensitive intertriginous areas of the body.
* Indications:
– Whitening & brightening of sensitive areas.
– Skin hyperpigmentation disorders like melasma & age spots.
– Used for lightening of dark spots during pregnancy.
– Prevent premature aging & protect skin against future damage due to antioxidant effect.
* Bleaching Cream For Skin Folds & Sensitive Areas. Dermatologically Tested.
– Hypoallergenic.
– Approved for sensitive skin.
– Moisturizes and softens skin.
– For day and night use.
* No reported side effects. For external use only.
* Store at temperature below 30 degrees C in a dry place.


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