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FUNGIBACID 28% NAIL SOLUTION 5 ML حمض الفطريات 28٪ محلول للأظافر 5 مل



* Fungibacid (Tioconazole 28%) Topical Nail Solution 5 ml.

** Composition:
Each ml solution contains:
Tioconazole 280 mg

** Fungibacid with ……..
– Powerful dual effect as antibacterial && antifungal.
– Favorable pharmacokinetic property in skin tissues.
– High safety profile.
– No contact sensitization.
– Convenient dosage form.
– Cosmetic acceptance.
– High cost effectiveness.

** How to use:
– Apply Fungibacid 28% nail solution thinly to cover the whole of the affected nail(s) and surrounding skin using the brush provided.
– Apply the solution every 12 hours using the applicator brush.
– The duration of treatment is up to 6 ms but may be extended to 12 ms.
– Leave the solution to dry for 10-15 minutes after application.
– The film should be left intact as long as possible to allow the antifungal agent to have maximum effect.

** For external use only.

** Store at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C.
Keep away from reach of children.


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