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HEMOCLAR 0.5% 40 GM CREAM هيموكلار 0.5٪ 40 جم كريم



* For superficial trauma, hematoma, sprain and oedema.
* Therapeutic Indication: Topical adjuvant treatment for minor trauma (ecchymoses, contusions). Adjuvant treatment for acute
& & inflammatory venous conditions (e.g. superficial phlebitis, perfusion accidents, sequelae of sclerosis).
* Dosage and route of administration: Apply 2 to 4 times daily on the affected area and rub lightly into skin to improve penetration.
* Contraindication: History of allergy or thrombocytopenia due to heparins or heparinoids.
* Not to be used without medical supervision.
* Store at temp. not exceeding 25 degrees C.


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