Hi-Tech / High-Tech Instant Aqua Filler 50ml
A groundbreaking, re-plumping & anti-aging moisturizer Formulated with Aquaxyl TM, a high tolerance vegetable derived ingredient Helps restore & preserve skin?s optimal hydro-lipid balance Blended with Aquarize Is TM, a rice extract that delivers & seals in moisture Repairs & re-constructs collagen fibers to consolidate the dermo-epidermal junction Effectively fills in fine lines & wrinkles Unveils a softer, sleeker, brighter, plumper, more flexible & younger looking complexion.

HC Hightech Cosmetics Instant Aqua & Filler 50ml
Hydrating, Anti-Aging Re-Plumping Youth-Prolonging Moisturiser.Hc Hightech Cosmetics Instant Aqua & Filler Is A Latest-Generation Anti-Ageing Moisturiser That Recovers Hydration Volume, Elasticity, Comfort And Smoothness Of Skin That Can Resist Ageing More Effectively. Results You Can Feel Not Just See.

– HC Hightech Cosmetics Instant Aqua & Filler “Fill” Lines And Wrinkles, Strengthening The Dermo-Epidermal Junction And Getting Skin Natural Mechanisms To Work Again.
– The Ultra-Fresh Fragrance Contributes Towards The Sensation Of Comfort And Pleasure, Enhanced By The Satisfaction Of Seeing A Return Of Skin’s Original Plumpness
– Within Just 15 Minutes Of Application Instant Aqua Filler Increases Hydration By 30%
– After 30 Days Of Treatment The Hydration Rate Doubles And Skins Protective Barrier Function Significantly Increase, Educing Trans-Cutaneous Moisture Loss By 25%.


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