HYDRO 80 GM SOAP صابون هيدرو 80 جرام



* HYDRO Skin emollient & moisturizing soap 80 gm. صابونة مرطبة ومنعمة وملطفة للبشرة الجافة
* Hydro soap: rich in soothing & moisturizing ingredients for skin.
* Hydro soap: acts as anti-inflammatory & gives your skin maximum protection from microbial infection.
* Indications:
– For protection & healing of dry, sensitive & inflamed skin.
– Healing of exfoliating skin for both adults & children.
– For protection & healing of sun burns caused by exposure to harmful sun rays.
* Instructions for use:
Rinse face & skin with soap & leave for 1 minute then rinse with warm water. Repeat as needed.
* Composition:
Triclosan + Bee propolis + Arachis oil + Wheat germ oil + Chamomile extract + Almond oil + Olive oil +
Dimethicone + Titanium dioxide + Glycerin + Zinc oxide.
* Store below 30 degrees C.


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