LUCIDRIL 250 MG 20 TAB لوسيدريل 250 مجم 20 قرص



1- Manifestations of cerebral insufficiency:
. Disturbance of memory and attention.
. Vertigo.
. Ringing and humming in the ears.
. Visual disturbance.
. Personality disorders.
. Intellectual derterioration.
2- Sequelae of cerebrovascular accidents, hemiplegia, aphasia.
3- Head injury and its sequelae: headache, vertigo, personality disorders, memory disturbance and aphasic disorders.
* Dosage and Administration:
– To be taken as directed by the doctor.
– Usual doses: 2 tablets per day (last dose before 4 pm).
* Precautions and Warnings:
– Athletes caution: this product contains an active ingredient which can induce a positive reaction to the tests
made as a part of antidoping controls.
– Owing to a slight stimulant effect, it is advisable to avoid administration of this drug at the end of the day.
* Contraindications:
– History of allergy to any of the ingredients of the drug.


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