MEBO 0.25% 15 GM OINT ميبو 0.25٪ 15 جم مرهم



* MEBO (0.25% W/W Beta-sitosterol) Herbal and Natural Ointment 15 grams. Burn and Wound Management Ointment.
* Indications: For the treatment of burns, wounds, and skin ulcers.
* Application: A thin layer of MEBO ointment should cover the whole burn or wound bed and
& & renewed 3 – 4 times daily if the area is left exposed or twice daily if covered.
* Store below 25 degrees C.
* Produced by: Julphar, Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E.
& & Imported by: Madina for Importing Pharmaceutical Products && Medical Devices “Julphar Egypt”.


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