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ORAVEN MOUTH WASH 200 ML أورافين غسول للفم 200 مل



Oraven Mouth Wash 200 ml.
* Ingredients:
Bee Propolis + Chlorhexidine + Thymol + Menthol + Sorbitol + Glycerin.
* Properties: Oraven: Is an effective oral health formula which:
– Kills harmful oral micro-organisms.
– Heals oral inflammations and gingivitis.
– Relieves bad breath.
– Prevents plaque formation, tartar deposition and tooth discoloration.
– Protects against tooth decay.
– Relieves tooth pain.
* Indications:
– Routine oral daily care.
– Prevention of dental plaque, caries and bad breath.
– Prophylaxis in pre- and post dental surgery.
– Gingivitis, Pharyngitis and sore throat.
* Directions for use:
– Rinse with suitable amount of the solution for 30 seconds twice daily and a third time before sleep.
– For daily oral hygiene: Rinse using a diluted solution with same amount of water after meals and before sleep.
– Not to be swallowed.
* For external use only.


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