ORAZONE 0.5 MG 20 TAB اورازون 0.5 مجم 20 قرص



* Anti-inflammatory, Antiallergic & Antirheumatic.
* Indications:
– Acute rheumatic carditis, rheumatic fever, rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthriris and lupus erythematosus.
– Allergic conditions, bronchial asthma (including status asthmaticus), intractable allergic rhinitis, contact dermatitis,
neurodermatitis allergic eczema and urticaria.
– Nephrotic syndrome – infective hepatitis (cholestaic and chronic aggressive form).
– Benign hypertension.
– Diabetic retinopathy: it is used to retard diabetic retinopathy.
– Respiratory distress syndrome.
– Toxic manifestation associated with septic infections.
* Contraindications:
– Peptic ulcer – osteoporosis.
– Psychosis or severe psychoneurosis – Active tuberculosis.
– Infectious diseases (except under antibiotic cover).
* Specail precautions:
– The usual precautions of steroid therapy must be observed when using orazone.
– It should be used with caution in presence of congestive heart failure, in patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure
and uraemia.
* Dosage: 0.5 to 2 mg daily in potentially fatal conditions, larger doses may be given up to 15mg for acute cases.
Once a satisfactory response is obtained, the dose must be gradually reduced to maintain level of 0.5 mg daily.
* Store at temp. not exceeding 30 degrees C. Protect from light.


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