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PANTHOVERA HAIR LOTION SPRAY 110 ML بانثوفيرا لوشن للشعر بخاخ 110 مل



** Panthovera Hair Lotion Spray 110 ml.
** Panthovera Lotion:
Effective and unique formula for hair vitality & growth
** Composition:
A well formulated preparation composed of a group of natural herbal extracts that are highly effective in the control of scalp and hair loss problems:
Saw palmetto ext., Ginkgo extract, Aloe Vera ext., Panthenol, Salicylic acid, Rosemary ext., Cetrimide, Ginseng ext., Thyme, Vit. E, Fragrance, Water.
** Characteristics:
– Panthovera Lotion: is a rich preparation with nutritional materials that are important for hair vitality and growth.
– Panthovera Lotion: is effective for all types of hair-loss.
– Panthovera Lotion: contains saw palmetto ext. which inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT avoiding its destructive effect on the hair follicles which completely stop hair loss.
– Panthovera Lotion: improves the scalp circulation due to its content of Ginkgo extract, Rosemary ext. & Aromatherapy.
– Panthovera Lotion: provides a high anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects due to its content of Aloe Vera & Panthenol.
– Panthovera Lotion: provides a high anti-oxidant effect due to its content of Vit. E & ginseng.
– Panthovera Lotion: helps preventing the harmful effects resulted from bacterial or fungal infections.
– Panthovera Lotion: alcohol free and contains natural components that give the product its high safety profile.
– Panthovera Lotion: is an easy applicable preparation and have no preservatives or other harmful contents.
** Uses:
Panthovera Lotion is used in cases of:
– All types of hair loss
– Strengthening & nourishing the hair preventing its loss.
– Weak, brittle and split ended hair.
– Lack of hair nutrients.
– Damaged hair due to harsh chemicals or environmental factors.
– Preventing fungal and bacterial infection, so decreasing the risk of developing dandruff.
** Usage & application:
– Spray the lotion (6 sprays for each time) and rub gently for the scalp for 5 minutes until completely absorbed.
– Use the lotion twice a day (morning and evening).
– Continue treatment for 3-6 months.
** For External use only.
** Storage:
To be stored at room temperature.
Keep out of reach of children.
** Pack:
Spray bottle containing 110 mL.
** Manufactured by: Hi Care


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