PEARLA 60 GM CREAM بيرلا 60 جم كريم



** PEARLA Cream 60 gm. Extra Skin Whitening Cream. With Arbutin && Collagen.

** PEARLA Cream:
– Pearla cream is a natural skin whitening cream with 5 powerful depigmenting agents that lightens && unifying the skin complexion, reducing the appearance of dark spots.
– Pearla cream has wide spectrum sunscreen && photoadaptation properties that protects the skin from the harmful effects of sun UV-rays.
– Pearla cream provided with collagen && vitamin C for reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.
– Pearla cream is highly safe to use during pregnancy and lactation.

** Composition:
Arbutin, Licorice extract, Melaslow, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, Collagen (marine), Papaya Extract, Castor oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Nigella Sativa Oil,& Ethylhexylmethoxycinnamate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Benzophenone-3, Titanium Dioxide, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Water

** Indications:
– Hyperpigmentation (Melasma, Freckles, Lentigoes && black haloes)
– Dark places of the body (lowest armpits, between thighs, elbows, knees, hands)
– Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (Acne spots)
– Sun tanning
– Skin wrinkles and facial lines

** Application:
Pearla cream applied as a thin layer on face or body once or twice daily or as directed by the physician.

** Precautions:
– Keep out of reach of children.
– For External use only.
– Store at room temperature.


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