PSYCHODAL 3 MG 30 TAB سايكودال 3 مجم 30 قرص



* Indications:
– Treatment of acute and chronic schizophrenic psychoses and other psychotic conditions in which positive symptoms
(such as hallucinations, delusion, thought disturbances, hostility, suspiciousness) and / or negative symptoms
(such as blunted affect, emotional and social withdrawal, poverty of speech) are perminent.
– Alleviates affective symptoms (such as depression, guilt feelings, anxiety) associated with schizophrenia.
* Dosage & Administration: Switching form other antipsychotics, where medically appropriate, gradual withdrawal of
the previous treatment while Psychodal (risperidone) therapy is recommended.
– Adults: All patients whether acute or chronic cases, should start with 2mg/day risperidone. The dosage should be increased
to 4mg/day on the second day and 6mg/day on the third day, then the dose can be maintained unchanged. The usual optimum
dose is 4 – 8 mg / day however, some patients may benefit from lower doses.
– Special population: Eldely, debilitated, patients with severe renal or hepatic impairment, and patients either prediposed
to hypotension or for whom hypotension would pose a risk. A starting dose of 0.5mg twice daily is recommended. This dose
can be increased to 1-2mg twice daily.
– Children: Experience is lacking in children aged less than 15 years.
* Store between 15-30 degrees C in a cool dry place and protect from light.


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