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RIVASINE CARE ANTISEPTIC SOL 200 ML ريفازين كير محلول مطهر 200 مل



* Rivasine Care Antiseptic Solution 200 ml.
* Composition (Components):
Chlorhexidine + Triclosan + Chamomile extract + Thymol + Menthol + Betaine.
* Properties:
– Rivasine is an antiseptic cleansing solution.
– Rivasine contains synergistic ingredients for giving maximum antibacterial cleansing effects.
– Rivasine contains natural herbal contents (chamomile and menthol) to induce soothing and cooling effects.
– Rivasine introduces maximum requirements for optimum skin hygiene.
* Indications:
– General topical antiseptic cleansing solution for the skin.
– Potent intimate antiseptic cleansing solution for female hygiene.
* Caution: For external use only.
* Contraindication: Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
* Application:
As directed by physician (diluted or concentrated).
* Produced by: Hi Care Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics. Made in Egypt.
* Barcode: 6224000201654 (same as that for: RIVASINE CARE ANTISEPTIC SOL 60 ML مطهر


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