ROSITA HAIR LOTION 250 ML روزيتا لوشن للشعر 250 مل



** Rosita Hair Lotion 250 ml. Highly Effective Formula. For hair Growth && Care.

** Ingredients:
Wheat germ oil + Chamomile extract + Aloe vera + BHT + Castor oil + Panthenol + Olive oil

** Rosita hair lotion have been specially developed for hair care using natural extracts that optimally complement each other.
Rosita hair lotion with its natural extracts provides the hair with life-giving nutrient.
Also, contains substances which enhance the blood circulation of the hair roots and the scalp skin, so, increase the rate at hair growth and return the vitality to damaged hair.

** Directions of use:
Rosita hair lotion should be applied on hair and rubbing gently in a circle way once or twice daily.

** Precautions:
– Keep away reach of children.
– Avoid contact of eyes, if contact occurs, rinse eyes with warm water.
– Store below 30 degrees C.

** Manufactured by: Leader Factory
For: Advance for medical product
Sole Agent: KMT Pharma


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