SMILEY WHITENING SOAP 100GM صابون مبيض مبتسم 100 جم



* SMILEY WHITENING SOAP 100 gm approx. Skin whitening && Softening.

Smiley whitens your skin color having essential elements to remove spots and darkness.
Smiley whitens your skin dark areas by normalizing the melanin pigment.
Smiley cleans your skin pores and regulates its secretions that prevent acne.
Smiley lags and delays your skin aging restoring its collagen content for a vital flourishing skin.
Smiley lightens post-acne scars and marks left on your face.
Smiley protects your skin against worse environmental factors and sun rays.
Smiley prevents skin hyper-keratinization giving your delicate skin mysterious looking and silky touch.

** Instructions:
Make a mask on the face and leave it 2:3 minutes, then rinse with water.

** Composition:
Chamomile ext., Aloevera ext., Licorice (Liquorice) ext., Salicylic acid, Lanolin, Vitamin C


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