SOLO SEPT 14 SACHETS 10 ML سولوسبت



** Solo Sept Foaming Solution Skin Cleanser. Box of 14 Sachets 10 ml.

** Composition:
Each 100 ml solution contains:
Chlorhexidine digluconate 20% solution 1.5% + Chlorocresol 0.3% + Hexamidine di- isethionate 0.1% + Excipients (pH 5) up to 100%.

** Way of use:
The Solution is used undiluted or diluted, once or twice a day.
– Use Undiluted:
Apply to the skin for two minutes then rinse by water after application.
– Use Diluted:
Dilute one Sachet Content in (70-500 ml) of water, use for female care.
– Note: (diluted solution should be prepared direct before applying).


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