SYNOBAR SKIN FOAMING CLEANSER 250 ML سينوبار منظف رغوي للبشرة 250 مل



SYNOBAR Skin Cleanser Foaming cleansing gel 200 ml. Extra gentle.
– 33% Extra free 200 ml for the price of 150 ml
– Cleans deep without over-drying
– Helps prevent breakouts
– For all skin types
– Soap free (pH) Balanced
* Foaming purifying cleanser. Ideal for all skin types.
* Composition:
Synobar foaming cleanser contains:
Tea tree extract + Salicylic acid + Lexol 300 + Thyme extract + Glycerin + Citric acid + Mild, pH balanced, Cleansing, soap free & foaming base
* Properties:
– Synobar: is an effective, gentle cleanser which removes dirt, sweat, sebum, micro-organisms, dead cells & makeup.
– Synobar: is a deep cleanser that purifies the skin without soap formation leaving a thin moisturizing film on your skin.
– Synobar: possesses skin calming, antiseptic, mild exfoliating & sebum control properties.
– Synobar: controls sebum secretions & purifies the epidermis by its BIO – Adapt system.
– Synobar: Has antiseptic effect that protects sensitive skin against bacteria & fungi.
– Synobar: Has mild exfoliating effect that removes dead cells & prevents clogging of pores so allow skin to breathe & grow a healthy way.
– Synobar: Reduces scars & spots formation following incidence of acne. It also helps in scar healing.
– Synobar: is pH balanced soap free.
* Uses:
– A soap free cleanser that cleans, moisturizes your face & body.
– Controls excessive sebum secretions in oily & sensitive skin.
– Manages all cases & forms of acne.
– Protects from further breakouts of acne.
– Manages acne spots & scars.
– Gently removes makeup residue.
– Can be used in all cases requiring the use of topical sebum controlling agent.
– Can be used in all cases requiring the use of antiseptic, disinfectant, soap free cleanser.
– Can be used in all cases requiring the use of mild exfoliating, foaming agent.
* Directions:
– Apply to a damp skin & bring to lather, leave for one min., rinse well, and dry gently.
– For best results, use Synobar foaming cleanser morning & evening.
– Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water.
* For external use only.
* Store at room temperature. Keep away from light & heat.
* Produced by: Hi-Care Pharmaceuticals


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