TOUJEO 300 U / ML 3 PRE-FILLED PENS توجو 300 يو / مل 3 أقلام تعبئة



** Toujeo™ SoloStar® (insulin glargine) 300 units/ml solution for injection in a pre-filled pen. 3 prefilled pens each of 1.5 ml. Subcutaneous use.

** Use only in this pen or severe overdose can result.

** Always use a new needle for each injection.
For single patient use only.

** Composition:
Each ml contains 300 units (10.91 mg) insulin glargine.
Each pen contains 1.5 ml of solution, equivalent to 450 units.
Excipients: Zinc chloride, metacresol, glycerol, hydrochloric acid / sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment), water for injections.

** Read the package leaflet before use.
Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
Use only clear and colourless solutions.

** Before first use:
Store in a refrigerator (2-8 degrees C). Do not freeze or place next to the freezer compartment or a freezer pack. Keep the pre-filled pen in the outer carton in order to protect from light.

** After first use:
The product may be stored for a maximum of 4 weeks below 30 degrees C. Do not refrigerate.
Put the pen cap back on the pen after each injection in order to protect from light.

** Use the dose as prescribed.
Prescription only medicine.

** Be careful:
Level 2: Do not drive without asking a health professional’s opinion.


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