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TOULIFLY FACIAL WASH 150GM VITAMIN C توليف غسول للوجه 150 جم فيتامين سي



* Toulifly one of the best solutions for Acne prone skin ( oily & Mixed skin) . Toulifly not only facial wash with a prophylactic action but already due its unique content & Micronization technique it has a therapeutic action against thrills of Acne vulgaris. in addition to the eligibility of Toulifly on whitening of dark skin cause its own natural and semi synthetic ingredients ability . Toulifly contain combination of…….
* Ingredients:
Salicylic Acid + Glycolic Acid + Oleanolic acid + Vitamin C + Algae ext + Licorice (liquorice) ext + Sulfur + Sage ext + zinc oxide + Biotin + Allantoin + Almond oil + Honey bee + Panthenol + Glycerin + Dimethicone + Sea Salt
* Properties:
Toulifly :- Balanced formula with highly detected P.H providing healthy skin environment
Toulifly :- ideal selection for Micronized synergistic active ingredients for Acne prone skin – oily and mixed skin –
Toulifly :- optimum choice for resistance most Acne –causing mediators such as Hyper seborrhea . abnormal shedding of dead skin cells, and a proliferation of acne-causing bacteria
Toulifly :- fascinating lustrous looking & lightening, brightening appearance due to its content synergistic action
Toulifly :- Regulates sebum production, Leaves the skin soft, smooth and younger-looking
Toulifly :- Enhance collagen production so Diminishes the appearance of visible signs of aging, Helps reduce the appearance of skin breakouts
Toulifly :- Does not cause redness irritation, and peeling commonly associated with other products targeting breakouts.
* Toulifly Application:-
Apply suite amount on hand then on wet face massage face gently work into lather for 2-3 min and rinse thoroughly
* Toulifly:– Creamy lotion Available in squeezable plastic tube 150 ml/gm.


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