ULTRA FEET 50 GM CREAM ألترا فيت كريم 50 جم



* Ultra feet cream:
A unique formula for the treatment of skin dryness and for the healing of cracked heels & elbows.
* Composition:
Bees wax, Olive oil, Paraffin oil, Glycerin, Salicylic acid, Allantoin, Keratin, amino acid, Panthenol, Triclosan, Dimethicone.
* Properties and actions:
– Ultra feet cream: Eliminates roughness & dryness of skin and feet.
– Ultra feet cream: Fast acting relief for cracked skin, heels, and elbows.
– Ultra feet cream: Soothes & softens the skin, and acts as a skin conditioner.
– Ultra feet cream: Restores moisture to help return skin to a healthy condition.
– Ultra feet cream: Protects the skin from bacterial or fungal infections.
* Indications:
– Skin dryness.
– Cracked & rough skin, heels, elbows, and soles.
* Directions for use:
– For dry skin: Apply the cream on the affected area, massage gently, and leave to dry, repeat twice daily.
– For cracked feet: Wash the feet with warm water, then dry them, apply the cream over the affected area twice daily, spread gently, allow for 15 minutes to dry.
– For best results: After applying the cream to the feet, put on plain socks (cotton) and leave them on overnight to keep feet moisturized.
* For External Use Only.
* Keep at room temperature.


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