V.V. cream is a new formula for improvement of lower limbs circulation.
* Composition: V.V. cream is a novel combination of:
Horse chestnut extract 1.5% (equivalent to 1% aescin) + Centella extract 1% + Grape seed extract 1% + Vitamin K 0.5% + Vitamin E 0.1% + Aloe vera extract 2% + Calendula extract 1%.
* Indications: V.V. cream is indicated for:
– Management of signs & symptoms of varicose & spider veins.
– Conservative treatment of varicose vein in multiple drug regimens including compression or drug therapy.
– Preceding or following other medical interventions: a) Surgical correction. b) Sclerotherapy or other endovenous manipulations.
* Application:
V.V. cream is applied twice daily or as directed by physician.
* Precautions:
– For topical use only.


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