CITRA FORTE 280 GM GRANULES سيترا فورت حبيبات 280 جرام



** Citra Forte [Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate (6:6:3:5) 2,4 gm]. Granules 280 gm. Special for uric acid calculi.

** Contents:
Carton box containing: Plastic pack of 280 gm
Measuring spoon 2.5 gm
100 indicator paper strips
Test chart + peg && Pamphlet

** Composition:
Each Measurespoonful (2.5 gm granules) contains:
& Potassium sodium hydrogen citrate 2.4 gm
Equivalent to: 11mEq Potassium – 11 mEq Sodium – 27 mEq Citrate.

** Indications:
Citra Forte is used to dissolve uric acid calculi in the urinary tract and to prevent further stone formation.

** Dosage and Administration:
Time Number of spoonfuls:
Morning as early as possible: 1 spoonful.
Midday (2 : 3 Pm): 1 spoonful.
Evening as late as possible (about 10 Pm): 2 spoonful.
This is a standard dosage, in many other cases it will achieve satisfactory adjustment and keep the urine pH within the correct range (6.2 to 6.8).
However, not all patients react uniformly to the standard dose. For this reason, the dose must be individually adjusted in accordance with the pH as measured.
The enclosed measuring spoon holds 2.5 g of the granules. The granules should be dissolved by stirring in half a glass of water or fruit juice and the resulting solution taken preferably after meals.
See leaflet for other details.

** Store at temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C, in a dry place.
Keep container tightly closed.


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