* Harvy. Advanced && Safest Formula for Skin Lightening. Forget marks forever.
* Composition:
– Harvy is a unique, effective and safe formula contains natural ingredients and doesn’t contain hydroquinone.
– The ingredients of Harvy include: Kojic acid, Liquorice (Licorice) extract, Bearberry extract, Vitamins A, C, E,
& Panthenol, Glycolic acid, Allantoin, Glycerin, Honey, Royal jelly, and Titanium dioxide.
* Benefits:
– Harvy: contains natural effective ingredients that provide maximum bleaching efficacy.
– Harvy: safely lightens the skin without causing any side effects as it contains safe natural extracts and doesn’t
& contain Hydroquinone.
* Uses:
& Markedly reduces and treats: Dark patches in different body sites, freckles, melasma, age spots, and post inflammatory
& hyperpigmentation due to acne, prolonged sun exposure, burns or after cosmetic procedure (laser, peeling, … etc).
* Application: Apply it once or twice a day on the affected area then gently massage it till it is completely absorbed.
* For external use only. Avoid eye contact.


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