JACY 50 GM CREAM جاسي 50 جم كريم



** Topical cream provides the optimum environment required for skin regeneration for: Burns, Wounds and Skin ulcers

Jacy Cream
Multi-Purpose Healing Cream. Intense Fast Healing.
For minor to severely damaged skin plus hard to heal skin irritations helps heal cuts, scrapes, rashes and burns.

Product Information:
– Jacy Cream for Minor to Severly Damage Skin Plus Hard to Heal Skin Irritations.
– Jacy Cream Helps Heal Cuts, Scrapes, Rashes and Burns.
– Jacy Cream Accelerates Skin Epithelialization to Ensure Complete Wound Closure.
– Jacy Cream has antiseptic, anti-Irritant and anti-oxidant Properties.
– Jacy Cream Restores Skin Protection Barrier.
– Jacy Cream used in Management of infant’s Cradle Cap, Nipple Fissure, Diaper Rashes, Sun Burns, Skin Rash and Skin Irritation.

Product Ingredients:
– All the Ingredients are Herbal.

Product Directions:
– A suitable Amount of Jacy Cream is applied to the Skin, Massage Gently 2-3 Times Daily or as Prescribed by the Physician.

Product Precaution:
Protect from Direct Sun Light, Store below 25 C, Keep away from Children and not taken by Mouth.


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