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LINDO HAIR OIL SPRAY 250 ML ليندو بخاخ زيت الشعر 250 مل



* Hair Oil Spray with Topical Hair Serum. Fights hair loss. Accelerates hair growth.
* An innovated blend of silicon power & herbs potency that optimizes hair life span.
* Hair revitalizing solution. Highly concentrated formula. Botanical remedy.
* Composition:
Poly dimethyl Siloxan + Emu oil + Wheat germ oil + Jojoba oil + Almond oil + Olive oil + Lavender oil + Lemon oil + Tea tree oil + Thyme oil
* Application:
– Apply Lindo spray to scalp & specially to the roots, massage it on the whole scalp for 2-4 minutes, once or twice per day.
– For best results on oil bath should be done once or twice / week.
(You can do it by wrapping a hot towel onto hair after application of Lindo spray for one hour).
– To remove traces of Lindo spray do not use bathing soaps as they are alkaline, which in the long run tends to affect hair keratin. Always use a mild shampoo.
– Use lukewarm water for rinsing & washing your hair as hot water dries out hair.
* For external use only.
* Store at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees C.
* A product of Macro International Group
Made in Egypt
Produced by: Cosmopack Factories


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