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SEKEM BABY CALM DRINK 5 GM 10 SACHET اعشاب سيكم بيبى كالم 5 جم 10 كيس



** Sekem BABY CALM Drink 10 Enveloped Sachets 5g/each. Instant Herbal Drink for Infants && Children. Free from Sucrose && Artificial Flavourings.

** “Baby Calm” drink helps to relieve colic && distention for deep sleep.

** Ingredients:
Fennel, Chamomile, Anise, Caraway, Lactose && Maltodextrin

** Important Notice:
– Unattended, continuous sucking from a feeding bottle can cause tooth decay. Therefore, we recommend:
• Do not leave your baby alone while feeding.
• If using a feeding bottle, it is preferable to hold it yourself.
• Encourage your child to drink from a trainer cup or a cup from 12 months onwards.
• Thoroughly clean your baby’s teeth before bedtime.
– The herbal drinks are not a drink substitute; they are for specific need occasions.
– They are not to be used for rehydration.
– Baby Calm drink has been specially prepared for infants and children, offering a natural combination of herbs.
– Preferred to use for infants starting from the 6th month.
– Food supplement not for treatment or disease prevention.

** Preparation instructions:
– Add one sachet of Baby Calm Drink to 1/2 cup (100 ml) of boiling water and stir until the granules have completely dissolved.
– The drink should be prepared with boiling water, before giving the drink to the baby, it must cool down till 37 degree centigrade. To cool quickly, hold the bottle under cold running tap water or by placing in a large container of cold water, ensure that the cold water does not reach above the neck of the bottle during cooling. Once prepared, drink must be used within 2 hours.

** Warning:
– Not to be used in case of lactose intolerance.


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