SUPLASYN 20 MG / 2 ML 3 SYRINGE سوبلازين 20 مجم / 2 مل 3 محاقن



-filled syringes.
& & Synovial Fluid Replacement. Intra-articular injection for Symptomatic Treatment of Osteoarthritis.
* Indications: as a replacement for synovial fluid following arthrocentesis.
* Dosage && Administration: depending upon joint size, up to 2 mL may be administered intra-articularly. The recommended
& & schedule is 3 weeks injections, but up to 6 may be given in chronic conditions. Using aseptic technique, introduce up to
& & 2 mL intra-articularly into the affected joint. More than one joint may be treated at the same time. Discard any unused
& & portion of the syringe.
* Store between 4 degrees C and 25 degrees C. DO NOT FREEZE. Bring to room temperature before injection.
* To be used by a physician only.


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